What are supported shipping methods on AliExpress?

AliExpress Supply Chain & Logistics Secrets. Logistics Service Level. Shipping Methods on AliExpress. What shipping methods does AliExpress use? What are the logistics solutions of AliExpress? What shipping company does AliExpress use? How does AliExpress deliver products?
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What logistics company does AliExpress use?

What logistics solutions does Aliexpress have?

There are several types of logistics on AliExpress. There are basically the following types of logistic methods:

Economy: low cost of logistics and freight, information about the parcel in the destination country is not available for verification. Economical logistics is used to transport low-value and light cargo.

Simple Logistics: Simple Logistics provides tracking information for the package in the main locations: arrival in the destination country, arrival at the destination post office, delivery of the package to the buyer.

Standard logistics: all the tracking information of the parcel can be obtained. A faster service than Economy, and still great value.

Fast logistics: includes express delivery services provided by commercial express delivery services and postal services. Fast logistics are suitable for high value goods.

Other Delivery Methods/ Seller’s Shipping Method. The seller uses alternative parcel delivery services from China.

Autonomous logistics: parcels can be delivered to customers by different logistics routes to many countries. Check out this list: Seller’s Shipping Method, SF Express, CJ_LOGISTICS, CKE Express, POSTKR, 139 ECONOMIC Package, Flyt Express, J-NET, Singapore Post, UBI, CHOICE, SHUNYOU_STANDARD_SG, Correios Brazil, HUAPT, JCEX Express, CNE Express, TOPYOU, 4PX RM, PONY, SF, eParcel, Meest, eTotal, SunYou, GES Express, DHL e-commerce, China Post Air Parcel, YANWEN Special Standard, BSC Special Standard, SF Economic Air Mail, Flyt Special Economy, SunYou Special Economy, TOPYOU Special Economy, YANWEN Special Economy, BSC Special Economy.

Overseas warehouse. Overseas logistics is used for goods stored in overseas warehouses.

Logistics Service Level

Logistic service levelList
EconomyCainiao Super Economy
EconomyCainiao Super Economy Global
EconomyCainiao Super Economy for Special Goods
EconomyCainiao Expedited Economy
EconomyChina Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus
EconomySF Economic Air Mail
EconomyFlyt Special Economy
EconomySunYou Special Economy
EconomyYANWEN Special Economy
EconomyTOPYOU Special Economy
EconomyBSC Special Economy
EconomySunYou Economic Air Mail
EconomyYanwen Economic Air Mail
Economy4PX Singapore Post OM Pro
SimpleAliExpress Saver Shipping
SimpleCainiao Saver Shipping For Special Goods
StandardAliExpress Standard Shipping
StandardAliexpress Direct
StandardAliexpress Direct
StandardAliexpress Direct
StandardCainiao Heavy Parcel Line
StandardCainiao Standard For Special Goods
StandardChina Post Air Parcel
StandardChina Post Registered Air Mail
StandardCKE Express
StandardCNE Express
Standard360Lion Standard Packet
StandardCorreios Brazil
StandardDHL e-commerce
StandardFlyt Express
StandardGES Express
StandardJCEX Express
StandardSF eParcel
StandardSingapore Post
StandardSpecial Line-YW
Standard139 ECONOMIC Package
StandardYANWEN Special Standard
StandardBSC Special Standard
Standard4PX RM
FastAliExpress Premium Shipping
FastFedex IE
FastFedex IP
FastSF Express
FastUPS Expedited
FastUPS Express Saver
OtherSeller’s Shipping Method

What are supported shipping methods on AliExpress?

What are supported shipping methods on AliExpress?
What are supported shipping methods on AliExpress?
Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Cost Tracking Carrier
Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Cost Tracking Carrier

Which shipping method is best on AliExpress?

You choose the delivery method yourself or consult with the seller. The best delivery method depends on the type of delivery, carrier, country of delivery, quarantine measures, customs speed, and even the time of year. In general, during the winter sales period, delivery may slow down. See if the seller can ship goods from a warehouse located in your country. This will significantly speed up the delivery time of the package.

Delivery from local warehouse
Delivery from local warehouse

Is there a way to get faster shipping on AliExpress?

If you want to get fast shipping from Aliexpress website, you must choose AliExpress Premium, SF Express, UPS Express Saver, Fedex, DPEX, DHL, EMC shipping method. Fast logistics tend to be faster, can handle heavier or larger packages and provide more service options, but can be more expensive.

What shipping methods does AliExpress use?
What shipping methods does AliExpress use?

Can you track AliExpress standard shipping? What Shipping Services Are Available Through AliExpress? International delivery from China from Aliexpress website. Fast Delivery on AliExpress. AliExpress standard shipping. Shipping From China. AliExpress Logistics Services. Global Order Logistics

You will receive your package easily, wherever you are, whenever you like.

Logistics Service Level AliExpress
Logistics Service Level AliExpress

Aliexpress Shipping

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  1. be careful if the amount of your order is lower than the customs declaration threshold (the excess is 150 € in France for example) and you choose an express carrier like DHL or FEDEX, these companies make a systematic declaration before transport and they keep your order until you pay them directly the customs fees and their flat-rate administration fees (from experience a 60 € item cost me more than 90 € in the end) when you have nothing to pay if you opt for standard tracking delivery which will arrive in 15-20 days.

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