AliExpress Combined Delivery – What is the meaning of combined shipping?

AliExpress Combined Delivery – What is the meaning of combined shipping? Saving through combined shipping. Fast shipping. Combined Delivery Powered by AliExpress. All you need to know about Combined Delivery.

AliExpress Combined Delivery

AliExpress Combined Shipping is a new shipping service option that makes shopping on AliExpress more convenient and easier than before!

AliExpress Combined Shipping is a free logistics modernization service where customers purchase multiple combination products in stores while meeting the threshold for combined orders. Typically the threshold is € 5 or $ 5. Buyers receive parcels without additional logistics costs.
Consolidation of parcels significantly improves the timeliness of logistics, reduces the loss of parcels and improves the logistics of purchases.
Combined Delivery AliExpress” is a deterministic logistics update service launched by AliExpress and Cainiao (Cainiao provides logistics services and AliExpress provides technical services).
Sellers who participate in the Combined Shipping promotion are required to ship the item within 72 hours.

With Combined Delivery:

  • Upgraded, combined and faster!
  • Items from different stores are combined into one order
  • Service is automatically improved for faster delivery
  • Environmentally friendly – Items from different stores are combined into 1 package
  • Tracking is available online and easy to use
  • Less risk of damage
  • Convenient – receive multiple orders at once. You can pick up all parcels at shipping address together once.
Combined delivery shipping What is combined delivery?
Combined delivery shipping What is combined delivery?

Another advantage of combined parcels is when you buy products in countries that limit the number of parcels received from abroad per year, if everything arrives in one shipment, you will be able to buy more times and not exceed this limit.

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Where are the parcels combined?
Parcels are combined at Cainiao warehouses in China.

Are parcels unpacked during consolidation?
No, small parcels are placed inside one large parcel.

Can all items be combined into one package for AliExpress Combined Delivery?
No, the product must meet certain requirements. Sellers offering Combined Delivery will indicate this in the product description.

Does Combined Shipping work in all countries?
No, Combined Shipping does not work in all countries. But the list of countries where you can receive combined parcels is constantly expanding. Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland are currently open for the action. Consolidated parcels are already being received in Ukraine, Czech Republic, USA, etc. In the future, the combined logistics plan will be extended to other countries.

Can I change the shipping address for a consolidated package?
If the parcel has already been shipped, the address cannot be changed.

How do I track my orders?
You can track all orders by visiting Your Orders in Your Account.
Or you can track orders on below sites: GOT (

Does the shipping tracking number change to a new one after the parcels have been combined?
Yes, the shipping tracking number will change to a new tracking number after the packages have been combined. The packages get bundled inside a new wrapper and sent with a single new tracking code. Inside you will find the original packages with the original labels.

Your package has been upgraded to Combined Delivery
Tracking number is up-to-date.
You can enjoy the benefits this time.
Receive multiple orders in 1 package.

Receive multiple orders in 1 package AliExpress
Receive multiple orders in 1 package AliExpress
shipping tracking number change aliexpress
shipping tracking number change aliexpress

How do I find products that are guaranteed to qualify for the AliExpress Combined Delivery promotion?

  • Enter the product name in the search box on the AliExpress home page
  • Press Enter to search the page..
  • Filter your search results by checking the “Combined Delivery” box. Order over 5€ for faster delivery
  • Add items to cart. Items can come from different stores!
  • Make sure the order amount reaches the minimum required.
  • Place an order and benefit from the improved shipping service!
search combined delivery aliexpress
search combined delivery aliexpress

Combined Delivery in the Aliexpress mobile app

Combined Delivery in the Aliexpress mobile app
Combined Delivery in the Aliexpress mobile app
Buying goods in the Aliexpress mobile app and choosing Combined Delivery
Buying goods in the Aliexpress mobile app and choosing Combined Delivery

How do I order multiple items in one package on AliExpress? How do I consolidate AliExpress orders?

With the new “AliExpress Combined Delivery” service, you can receive goods from multiple sellers in one package.

  1. To do this, when searching for a product, use the “Combined Delivery” filter.
  2. If you order inexpensive goods in several stores within one or two days per recipient and at the same address, then you will most likely receive one consolidated parcel.

When purchasing multiple products on AliExpress, combining orders is a very convenient and cost-effective method.

Most sellers on are happy to ship everything to you in the same package if you’re buying multiple items from them. You might also get a shipping discount because the seller saves money by combining items. Many sellers automatically combine shipping if you’re buying multiple items from them.

search combined delivery ali express
search combined delivery ali express

Here are some tips:

  • If you want your parcels not to be combined, then make purchases with an interval of 3-4 days. Or order for different recipients and for different delivery addresses.
  • If you want to avoid Combined Shipping, then don’t go for Super Economy Shipping or any other that Cainao provides.
  • Take photos or videos of the items and envelopes that arrive, both inside and outer ones if applicable, on both sides so that the sender is visible.
  • You need to record the unpacking the Combined item, as to make sure no items/parcels are missing. Since it could happen that during the Repacking of the items one package might get lost.
  • If you order expensive items and want to avoid customs payments, then choose delivery from a local warehouse.

Combined orders and shipping from overseas warehouses will speed up AliExpress logistics by more than 30%.

Combined Delivery Ali Express AliExpress
Combined Delivery Ali Express AliExpress

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Consolidated shipping. Shipping combined orders. Especially with small items they always put them together. How to Order Several Products in One Parcel on AliExpress
In general, if you pay only once, the seller will ship the items together.
Cost: Free Shipping
Tracking Carrier:
Cainiao Super Economy Global
AliExpress Standard Shipping. Combined delivery – how does this delivery method work?
When you order multiple things from Amazon does it come in one box?
Items are put in a single package in order to protect the environment
Can two parcels have the same tracking number? – If the parcels were combined, then two or more parcels will have the same number.
your orders in one package
own logistics to europe aliexpress. aliexpress shipping method
How do I combine different items from multiple sellers on AliExpress, and combine them to be delivered as one parcel. cainiao super economy global combined delivery with 2 different order

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  1. This is total BS the new tracking number they issued is invalid and the phone number they give you to call is never answered, so I guess now I have to wait and hope it magically turns up or run out the clock and try for a refund. This will be my last AliExpress purchase

  2. Combined shipping with no possibility to opt out is stupidest idea ALiExpress has done so far. Because of that I am no longer want to buy things on AliExpress and rather buy from eBay sellers that ship from china. They want you to think that combined shipping is to make YOUR life better but actually they just rip you off by pocketing the shipping that you paid for each individual item. Yes sometimes it makes sense to combine shipments but that must be left for the buyer to decide! I have had delivery incidents with every combined shipment so far. They say that qualifying shipments must be shipped in 72 hours. But what if they are not shipped in 72 hours? Guess what – all of the packages will be delayed. My last shipment (which I still have not received) was epic – one item did not get sent for 10 days and then seller cancelled it all together and all other items were delayed for 10 days because one seller simply did not care to ship. And this is called upgrade? This is the stupidest idea. And noone can be held accountable. You can do absolutely nothing about it except wait and wait and wait. No more AliExpress for me. China is full of stupid people and that is an excellent proof. Thank you.

  3. I don’t like this idea because 3 of my orders where combined recently without my knowledge, 2 of the orders arrived in one parcel but the third order is missing. The Global Parcel Tracker says 2 parcels delivered not 3. So where is the third order, I don’t have it, it was not delivered, but because it is under one new combined order tracking number, it says that number is delivered and aliexpress won’t even check it out. So I have no goods and lost money.. not happy

  4. This is the absolute nightmare for Switzerland ! Why? Up to 62CHF including shipping fee is FREE for import. But with the random combination of orders by AliExpress we get hit of hefty broker fees only due to this combination of orders from multiple sellers. Example: 4 orders from 4 sellers in the value of 15-25$ each = all would have been free for import if shipped separately. But AliExpress cancelled all original tracking numbers from the last 2 weeks and mixed items into 1 shipment in the value of 87$ … this new shipment will get hit with broker fees and taxes = will be refused by me and gets back to China. Please make sure to let the customer select which items they want to be combined or let us deselect this stupid option. I need to wait with ordering until the previous order gets tracking resutls outside China.. looks that is the only way to avoid that horrible combined delivery option.

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