Is AliExpress closed for Chinese New Year?

Is AliExpress closed for Chinese New Year 2021? What to expect during Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year 2021 is a Year of the Ox.

Chinese New Year (CNY), aka the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year, is the most important holiday season for Chinese people.

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Spring Festival 2021
Spring Festival 2021

Every year, the Chinese New Year affects the global supply chain of goods. At this time, Chinese factories will be closed and the volume of shipments by sea and land transport companies will plummet. This forces importers to ship goods ahead of the holidays to ensure there is sufficient stock.
But in 2021, the number of suspended routes announced in the off-season this year is much less than before.
The current forecast for this year’s Spring Festival 2021 is that routes to Europe and the US will only drop 1.2%. For example, the average drop in delivery speed during the 2016-2019 Spring Festival was 20.4% and 19.2%, respectively.

Usually, factories in China are closed during the holiday period from 12 to 26 February, but things may look different in 2021.
In 2021, Chinese express delivery companies said they would not stop deliveries during the Spring Festival.

Caution! Chinese New Year! How does Chinese New Year affect AliExpress?

When Is Chinese New Year 2021

Since the Spring Festival is celebrated on the lunar calendar, the calendar dates change every year.
In 2021, Chinese New Year begins on Friday, February 12th.
China’s public holiday will be February 11–17, 2021.

chinese new year 2021
chinese new year 2021

Is AliExpress closed for Chinese New Year?

Aliexpress will stay open during the Chinese New Year. has been operating for ten years. And soon Aliexpress will be celebrating its 11th anniversary.
For over 10 years, Aliexpress has never closed during the Chinese New Year.
The shopping site worked without a hitch. But some of the salespeople didn’t work. The stores on Aliexpress were temporarily closed and the sellers included vacation mode in their stores. Transport companies were not working. The delivery was very long.

In 2020, Aliexpress opened new logistics routes to the USA, Europe, and Russia. Alibaba has opened large international warehouses around the world. Most Aliexpress buyers receive their packages within 10 days.
In 2021, due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese government wants to minimize the movement of people, so some factories will not be closed.

How do Aliexpress sellers work during the Chinese New Year?

Seller Notice AliExpress New Year 2021
Seller Notice AliExpress New Year 2021

Dear customer!
February 6 to February 19 is the Chinese New Year holiday.
During the holidays, you can place your order normally. All warehouses will ship normally except for Chinese warehouses. Chinese warehouses will ship the order (from 6th February to 19th February ) after February 19.
Due to the holiday, the tracking number will be updated once every 3-5 days. This is normal, please wait patiently.
Sorry again for the inconvenience, kindly wish your understanding. Happy new year!

During the holiday ,customers service and shipping was PAUSED .But you can place order AS USUAL .All the orders will be shipped after 18th Feb. Wish you have a nice shopping in our store !

Chinese New Year has predicated on the ideas of ‘reunion’ and ‘togetherness.’ These core ideas trigger one of the largest human migrations in the world, as hundreds of millions of people stop working and suddenly flood China’s roads and public transportation networks to make their journey back to their hometowns to bring in the New Year with their families.

In 2021, there are travel restrictions in certain areas of China due to the increased risk of coronavirus infection. Therefore, many sellers will be working during the Chinese New Year. Sellers who will not work will post an announcement in their store about their vacation period.

In 2021, AliExpress launched the Do Not Close During Spring Festival service. If the seller has placed the items in the selected warehouse ahead of time, AliExpress will “arrange” the entire shipping process, allowing sellers to take a vacation. In addition, AliExpress will also provide millions of subsidies to ease the burden on merchants by subsidizing logistics and reducing warehouse rents.

During the Spring Festival, the seller’s response time for an open dispute is increased by 7 days.

Before purchasing items, сontact your sellers to learn about their working schedule.

Chinese New Year 2021 will take place on Friday, February 12 this year. On average, salespeople take a week off to spend time with their family and friends. The store on Aliexpress may close between February 12th and February 25th this Chinese New Year 2021, give or take a few days.

Between Feb 11 and Feb 17 most stores are closed and will not even answer questions.

The work of sellers at Aliexpress during the Chinese New Year period depends on the place in China where the seller is located, on the work of courier delivery in China, on the work of the warehouse, and on the epidemiological situation in the country.

Suppliers During the Chinese New Year. It may be best to avoid Chinese New Year AliExpress dropshipping because AliExpress’s retailers don’t hold their own inventory.

How AliExpress works during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese New Year 2021 is a Year of the Ox
Chinese New Year 2021 is a Year of the Ox

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Is AliExpress closed for Chinese New Year?
Is AliExpress closed for Chinese New Year?

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