Unique and Fun Gifts for April Fool’s Day

Get ready to prank your friends and family with unique April Fools’ gifts! From fun t-shirts to fun mugs and gifts, AliExpress has everything you need to make April Fools’ Day a memorable one.

Our Favorite Barbecue Items

A sticker on the toilet seat will add a little ~surprise~ to your visit to the toilet. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cause any accidents…

Tiny hands to shock your friends and family when they try to hand you something for guaranteed giggles.

Holding this whiskey glass in your hand, you can tell amazing stories, James Bond style.

These fake cockroaches are sure to scare any bug hater.

A toilet timer to – well – remind your friends that there are 24 hours in a day and they shouldn’t waste them on the can!

How to pump up the abdominal muscles in one day and surprise your friends? Very simple! You need to buy this t-shirt!

A fake car sticker that will make your friend a little nervous on April 1st!

Invite your friend to play poker with these super small cards

A classic snake in a can to scare the hell out of your friends

Arachnophobia can be a very powerful tool for harmless April Fools’ Day fun. Use this prank to make your friends scream when a realistic looking but obviously fake and harmless spider jumps out of a wooden box right on their finger.

Give your friend a real bitcoin!

Silhouette of a girl

Offer your lady a full bath of champagne

Prank gift, co-worker’s face. Order a photo of a colleague on a pillowcase.

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