Capture Memories Like a Pro: Top Disposable Cameras on AliExpress

Want to party like it’s 1999? Try capturing your memories on a disposable camera. Whether you’re planning a big event and want candid shots from your guests, heading on vacation without an expensive camera, or just love the retro vibe and simplicity of a screenless photo experience, disposable cameras are making a comeback. We asked some pro photographers for their top picks on AliExpress.

If you’re hooked on your iPhone for photos and hesitant about film, there are some real perks to going disposable. They make camera-shy people more comfortable, get you off your phone, and let you enjoy the moment without stressing about the perfect shot.

Disposable Camera
Disposable Camera

Getting your film scans back is a joy. They bring back memories in an authentic, candid way that digital photos just can’t match. The colors, grains, blurs, and spots have a nostalgic charm that harks back to your parents’ or grandparents’ photo albums. The quality and aesthetic of film are hard to replicate with digital.

Film cameras are also super user-friendly. “The barrier to entry is non-existent; anyone can use one!” says photographer Blizzard. Hand a disposable camera to anyone—your uncle, grandfather, or even a six-year-old—and watch them have fun capturing memories.

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Here are six top picks from AliExpress:

Kodak M35 Film Camera – US $7.97

Non-disposable retro film machine with manual replaceable and reusable film, plus a flash function.

Reusable Film Camera 35mm Vintage – US $18.33

Non-disposable camera with flash, perfect as a retro children’s gift.

Kodak Single Use One Time Disposable Film Camera – US $21.14

Comes with 27 exposure sheets, available in Daylight, HD Power Flash, and Waterproof versions.

Original Fujifilm SIMPLE ACE ISO 400 Power Flash 27 Photo Exposure Disposable Film Camera – US $22.49

Available in packs of 1-3, with an expiration date in 2025.

Disposable Camera Wedding Gifts – US $13.46

Perfect for travel, camps, parties, and Christmas gifts.

Non-Disposable Reusable Camera 35 MM – US $15.00

Reusable vintage 35MM film camera with flash, designed for Kodak film.

Also, don’t forget to stock up on film:

KODAK ColorPlus 200 35mm Film – US $12.99

36 exposures per roll, suitable for M35, M38, and H35 cameras.

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