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Where to Buy Xiaomi Products on AliExpress

The summer sale on AliExpress is about to begin, offering incredible opportunities to purchase Xiaomi products at unbeatable prices. From smartphones to smart home gadgets, Xiaomi has a vast range of products that are both innovative and affordable. During the summer sale, you can save even more by applying AliExpress promotional codes and seller coupons.

AliExpress Promo Code and Coupon June 2024

Xiaomi AliExpress

Xiaomi AliExpress
Xiaomi AliExpress

Here’s a comprehensive list of stores on AliExpress where you can find Xiaomi products with big discounts:

Official Xiaomi Stores:

  • Xiaomi Mi Store: 1.5M followers. Your one-stop shop for all official Xiaomi products, including smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, and more. Expect significant discounts and exclusive deals during the sale.
  • Xiaomi Mi – Global Store: 1.1M followers. Buy Xiaomi smartphones with significant discounts and coupons

Xiaomi Ecosystem Partner Stores:

  • Mi Homes Direct Store: 118.0K followers. Specializes in 360 Smart cameras, Xiaomi smart home devices, and N-house smart home products.
  • Xiaomi Mi – Global Store: 59.2K followers. This store features Wanbo mini projectors, perfect for creating your own home theater experience.
  • Mi Homes Online Store: Focuses on Aqara smart home products.
  • Mi Homes Store: Participant of the “AliExpress Choice” promotion. Dive into the world of Xiaomi’s diverse ecosystem with various gadgets, from smart plugs and air purifiers to robot vacuums and smart scales. Find treasures among their 37+ product offerings.
  • Mi Tools Store: Here you can buy thermometers, hygrometers and desktop smart clocks
  • Baseus Official Store: Discover a wide selection of stylish and functional accessories from Baseus, a trusted Xiaomi ecosystem partner. Up to 188 products await your exploration!

All AliExpress sales for 2024

Specialized Xiaomi Sub-Brands:

  • Mi CC Store: 247.4K follower The store offers smart bracelets and watches, TV boxes, and Xiaomi smart cameras.
  • MI Suppper Factory Store: Participant of the “AliExpress Choice” promotion. Focuses on wearables like watches and headphones from the MI Super sub-brand.
  • MIUI Official Store: 230.9K followers. Dedicated to products under the MIUI appliance brand, potentially offering smart kitchen appliances or air conditioners at discounted prices.
  • Xiaomi Mijia Choice Store: Explore a diverse range of Xiaomi gadgets.

Additional Xiaomi Ecosystem Stores:

  • Amazfit Official Store: Discover the latest smartwatches from the Amazfit brand, a popular Xiaomi partner.
  • TookFun Appliance Store: Find personal care essentials like electric toothbrushes and shavers at potentially discounted prices.
  • Mijia Tools Fans Store: This store specializes in Xiaomi’s Mijia tool line, offering power tools, screwdrivers, and more.
  • Enchen Official Store: Explore hair clippers, trimmers, and other grooming devices from the Enchen brand, part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.
  • QCY Official Store: Immerse yourself in the world of audio with headphones and accessories from the QCY brand, known for its affordable wireless earbuds.
  • IMILAB Official Store: 166.3K followers. Keep an eye out for deals on smart security cameras from the IMILAB brand.
  • YiSailing Factory Store: Participant of the “AliExpress Choice” promotion. Brighten your home with discounted smart lights and bulbs from Yeelight, another Xiaomi partner brand.
  • Widea Global Store: Explore network solutions like routers and security cameras from the Widea brand, often integrated with the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Other Stores Selling Xiaomi Products

Sale Guide AliExpress Summer Sale 2024 June 618: Up to 70% Off!

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Xiaomi Locator Portable Bluetooth 4.0

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Where to Buy Xiaomi Products on AliExpress

Pro Tips for Maximizing Savings:

  • Bookmark your favorite stores: This ensures quick access to the best deals during the sale.
  • Check for promo codes and coupons: AliExpress releases promotional codes and allows stores to offer their own coupons. Look for these codes before checkout to maximize your discounts.
  • Compare prices across stores: While these stores focus on Xiaomi and its ecosystem, compare prices within and outside AliExpress to ensure you’re getting the absolute best deal.
  • Add items to cart during the Preview Deals and Warm-up Phase (June 12th-16th): Get a head start on planning your purchases and potentially snag early-bird discounts.

Get ready to snag amazing deals on Xiaomi products during the AliExpress Summer Sale! This guide equips you with the knowledge to find the best stores and maximize your savings.

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