Merge Boss AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024

Merge Boss How to Play – AliExpress 2024 Anniversary

Have you started playing Merge Boss on AliExpress yet?
This easy-to-play game will help you save during the 2024 Anniversary Sale. Complete simple tasks and earn credits, which you can exchange when the sale begins on March 18. Download the game HERE.

Merge Boss Game-Ali
Merge Boss Game-Ali


Where is the Merge Boss AliExpress game located?

  • You can access the game exclusively through the AliExpress mobile app.
  • Look for the game icon on the main screen of the app.
  • Find the game on the AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024 page.
AliExpress 2024 Anniversary Merge Boss Game app
AliExpress 2024 Anniversary Merge Boss Game app

» When can I play the game?

You may play Merge Boss (“Game”) at any time but are subject to the Merge Boss Terms and Conditions. Certain features (such as Millionaire Challenge and Exchanging channel) are time limited and subject to change or terminate from time to time.

» How can I play the game?

In Merge Boss, you may generate and combine the items to complete orders. There are instructions in the Game to guide you.

Play of the Game costs energy point(s), you may automatically get energy point(s) for a period of time, and you may get more energy points by completing the task that listed in the task board. The amount of the energy you get may vary.

» What is the Bill?

Bill is a kind of virtual rewards that you may use to exchange tools in the game, and it does not have and shall not be deemed to have any monetary value.

» Millionaire Challenge

Millionaire Challenge is a periodical reward mechanism that offer rewards.

The Bills you gather during each Millionaire Challenge period will be accumulated, and you may be offered to collect rewards if the accumulated number of Bills reaches certain level.

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» What is a Game Credit? – Merge Boss AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024

How can I earn Game Credits?

  • Play Merge Boss
  • Invite friends
Game Credit Merge Boss AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024
Game Credit Merge Boss AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024

You may obtain Game Credit through your play of the Game, completing tasks and/or inviting friends. The number of the Game Credits you get may vary.

The Game Credit can be used to exchange for Shopping Credit in the Exchanging Channel, subjected to the T&C.

» What is the Shopping Credit? – Merge Boss AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024

Shopping Credit, issued by AliExpress, is a form of platform entitlements that can be utilized for purchasing physical products on the platform. It can be combined with other discounts and is solely applicable for deducting product prices, excluding taxes, shipping, and other charges.

  • What is shopping credit in the game “Merge Boss”?
    Shopping credit represents virtual funds that players can utilize to purchase physical items on AliExpress. This credit becomes particularly advantageous during major promotions like the 11.11 Sale, allowing users to access even better deals. Additionally, it can be combined with other AliExpress discounts, such as coins and coupon codes, for enhanced savings.
  • How can I acquire shopping credit?
    Players can earn shopping credit by participating in the AliExpress mini-game Merge Boss and accumulating points through gameplay. These points can subsequently be exchanged for shopping credit, providing users with opportunities to enjoy larger discounts during significant AliExpress promotions like the 11.11 Sale or AliExpress Anniversary Sale.
  • Where and how can I use shopping credit?
    Shopping credit can be utilized during major AliExpress promotions, including the 11.11 Sale or AliExpress Anniversary Sale. It is applicable specifically towards the purchase of physical items, rather than virtual ones. However, it is important to note that shopping credit cannot be converted into cash or transferred to other shoppers.

» What are the rules for inviting friends?

Players can invite friends to receive invitation rewards (“Invitation Reward”). When an invitee maintains an invitation relationship with the inviter for 3 days, the inviter earns extra credits (“10% Reward”) equal to 10% of the credits earned by the invitee, excluding credits earned by the invitee from inviting others. During this 3-day period, the invitee cannot be invited by others and will be removed from the inviter’s board after the duration expires. The Invitation Reward expires 24 hours after a successful invitation, and the 10% Reward expires daily at midnight. Players must claim the Invitation Reward and/or 10% Reward before the expiry time specified on the game page.

ali boss invited friends
ali boss invited friends
  • When invited friends play and earn credits daily, you’ll also get 20% extra credits.
  • Invite 1 friend to get 1000 credits. You’ll get double credits when inviting a brand new Merge Boss player!
merge boss inviting friends
merge boss inviting friends

Merge Boss Terms and Conditions – AliExpress 2024 Anniversary.

A concise overview of the Merge Boss rules and regulations on AliExpress. Please refer to AliExpress and review the official rules.

  1. Participation in Merge Boss is governed by AliExpress’s official Terms of Use. Users must accept all T&C to access or participate in Merge Boss.
  2. Rewards cannot be purchased, resold, or transferred, except where expressly permitted by AliExpress. They are not considered valuable or exchangeable instruments unless permitted.
  3. The task board refreshes daily at 00:00 PST, and energy points must be claimed before this refresh.
  4. The quantity of rewards issued is at AliExpress’s sole discretion.
  5. The exchange rate from Game Credit to Shopping Credit is 100 Game Credits = USD $0.01 worth Shopping Credits.
  6. Game Credit can only be used during the valid exchanging period.
  7. The valid exchanging period for Game Credit is indicated in the Exchanging Channel.
  8. The Exchanging Channel closes at the end of the exchanging period, and any remaining Game Credit will be zeroed.
  9. AliExpress may cancel or void rewards if a user breaches game rules or terms and conditions. If the game cannot run as planned due to various reasons, AliExpress may cancel, terminate, or modify the game and invalidate activities or rewards.
  10. Any involvement in risk, fraud, or abuse, directly or indirectly, may result in the immediate invalidation or suspension of rewards or qualifications. AliExpress reserves the right to deduct wrongful rewards and take legal action in such instances.
  11. AliExpress may modify the Merge Boss How to Play and Terms and Conditions with prior notice. Continued participation in the game constitutes acceptance of any changes.

100 Game Credits= USD $0.01 worth Shopping Credits

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