Crib Bumpers Recalled Due to Suffocation Hazard; Violation of Federal Ban

Infant Safety Alert: Crib Bumpers Recalled for Suffocation Risk

In a move to protect the well-being of infants and comply with federal regulations, AliExpress has issued a recall for crib bumpers sold by two Chinese companies, Henan Ouchang Trading Co., Ltd. and Xinxiang Junshun Trading Co., Ltd. The recall, announced on May 30, 2024, stems from the inherent suffocation hazard posed by padded crib bumpers, which have been banned under federal law.

Name of Product: Crib Bumpers
Recall Date: May 30, 2024
Manufactured In: China
Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Crib Bumpers AliExpress
Crib Bumpers AliExpress

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Crib Bumpers on AliExpress

The recalled products come in various colors, including gray with white clouds, teddy bear print, light pink, and plain white. They were sold in clear plastic bags without any markings or labeling. Consumers who purchased these crib bumpers from AliExpress between October 2023 and February 2024 are urged to immediately stop using them.

To receive a full refund, AliExpress is instructing customers to destroy the crib bumpers by cutting the straps and padding, and then send photographic proof of destruction by directly replying to the email notification from AliExpress. The online retailer is actively contacting all known purchasers.

While no incidents or injuries have been reported thus far, the potential risk of suffocation is significant. Infants can roll or move into positions where the padded crib bumper obstructs their breathing, leading to tragic consequences.

The recall aligns with the Safety Sleep for Babies Act of 2021, which prohibits the sale, offer for sale, manufacture, distribution, or importation of any crib bumpers into the United States. This federal ban aims to eliminate the risk of suffocation associated with these products.

Parents and caregivers are advised to remove padded crib bumpers from infants’ sleeping environments and opt for safer alternatives that promote safe sleep practices. AliExpress and the respective companies are taking responsible action to protect the well-being of infants and comply with federal regulations.

The purpose of this rule is to prohibit the sale, offer for sale, manufacture for sale, distribution in commerce, or importation into the United States, of any crib bumpers, as defined in part 1309.2, as set forth in the Safety Sleep for Babies Act of 2021 (15 U.S.C. 2057e).

Source: CPSC

Can You Still Buy Crib Bumpers On AliExpress?

Yes, crib bumpers are available on AliExpress for all countries except the USA. To view the selection, simply change the delivery country to any country other than the USA. US customers will not be able to see crib bumper products. Instead, they will encounter the message, “Sorry, the page you requested cannot be found:(” on the crib bumper product page.

Crib Bumpers AliExpress Page not found
Crib Bumpers AliExpress Page not found

Buy Crib Bumpers on AliExpress

Crib bumpers-in Cribs from Mother & Kids on
Crib bumpers-in Cribs from Mother & Kids on

AliExpress error message – what are the errors when loading a page?

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