AliExpress EU Buyers to Get Detailed Energy Efficiency Labels

AliExpress EU Energy Label
AliExpress EU Energy Label

Buyers on AliExpress Will Be More Informed About Products – New Requirements for AliExpress Energy Efficiency Labeling in the EU

In an effort to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure compliance with European laws, AliExpress has introduced new policies regarding energy efficiency labeling for products sold in the EU. This change aims to provide buyers with crucial information about energy-intensive products, making it easier for them to make informed purchasing decisions and choose high-energy efficiency solutions.

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Understanding the EU Energy Label

The EU Energy Label is an information label affixed to energy-intensive products or their smallest packaging. It indicates the product’s energy efficiency level and other performance indicators, helping consumers identify energy-saving products. This label is a key tool for promoting energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact across the EU.

New AliExpress Policy Requirements

According to the latest AliExpress policy, all manufacturers, importers, distributors, and distance sellers who place “energy efficiency-related products” on the EU market must register for the EU Energy Efficiency Label. This requirement ensures that products meet the necessary energy efficiency standards and provide transparent information to consumers.

Products Requiring EU Energy Labels

A wide range of products on the European market must adhere to energy labeling requirements. These products include:

  • Light bulbs and lamps
  • Heaters
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Washers and dryers
  • Air conditioning and ventilation equipment
  • Electronic display equipment, including televisions and monitors
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Tires, and more

Manufacturers of these products must conduct energy efficiency testing in accordance with EU regulations, obtain energy efficiency test reports, and prepare product information sheets and technical documentation. Additionally, they must register their products in the EU EPREL database and create energy efficiency labels and product information sheets to upload to the sales platform.

Energy Efficiency Label Registration

Energy efficiency labels are registered by product model. Each label corresponds to the specific ERP model and report, as well as the related company or brand. For products within the same series, multiple models may share the same test report, simplifying the registration process.

Requirements for Real Photos of EU Product Labels on AliExpress

To comply with EU regulations, products sold on the EU market must upload actual photos of their EU energy labels. These images provide buyers with a clear view of the product’s energy efficiency information, ensuring transparency and trust.

EU electronic display rules apply to all electronic displays, including televisions, computer monitors, and digital signage displays. The new scaling system is improved and better accounts for screen area. The new label also shows how efficiently the product displays HDR content, which uses twice as much power as other settings. Additionally, the label displays information such as display diagonal size and resolution, allowing consumers to better compare similar displays.

AliExpress European Union energy label
AliExpress European Union energy label

Benefits of the New Requirements

By adhering to these new requirements, AliExpress aims to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing clear and accurate information about energy efficiency.
  • Promote the sale of energy-efficient products, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Ensure compliance with European laws, fostering a trustworthy and reliable marketplace.

Consumers can now shop with confidence on AliExpress, knowing that the products they purchase meet stringent energy efficiency standards and that they have access to all the information they need to make informed choices. Get ready to enjoy a smarter and more sustainable shopping experience on AliExpress!

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