AliExpress Lucky Draw

Carousel Game: AliExpress Lucky Draw. How to play: Guide.

Click, play and win the prize of today. Win big prize, enjoy lucky price.

To play the game, click HERE.

How to play the Lucky Draw game on AliExpress?

  • Invite your friends for an extra spin. More friends, more chances to play, with no limits.
  • You can help a max. of 10 friends per day.
  • If you’re the lucky one who win the physical prize, you will get a coupon special with which you can buy the physical prize for $ 1.

Benefits for buyers: The Lucky Draw game are rewarded with large coupon and gold coins at
$200 OFF $201
$50 OFF $51
$5 OFF $35
$2 OFF $14
$1 OFF $8
2 gold coins (gold coins can be accumulated to offset the order amount)

Available products with coupon: All products
Countries available for coupon, excluding: Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Spain, France, Brazil, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Korea

AliExpress Lucky Draw
AliExpress Lucky Draw

During the Promotion Period, Eligible Members who satisfy the requirements shall be entitled to Lucky Draw’ Prizes. In the case that the Promoter, due to reasons outside its control, is not able to obtain said products, the Promoter may replace them for others of similar characteristics.

Promoter. Alibaba (China) Technology Co., Ltd., a company incorporated in China with registered office address at No. 699, Wangshang Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou (the “Promoter”).

This Promotion is available on AliExpress iPhone and Android Apps, as well as the Android Pads, iPads and/or the mobile site of AliExpress. (all available portals, the “AliExpress Platform”)

Eligible Members.

To participate in the Promotion, you must be a registered member of AliExpress, except that employees, officers and directors of the Promoter and their respective immediate family members, affiliated and subsidiary companies, as well as any company involved in the Promotion, together with their respective agents, are not eligible to participate in the Promotion. In addition, only natural persons older than 18 years who are citizens of the European Union are eligible to participate in the Promotion. The user confirms that the user is allowed to participate in the Promotion and that the Promotion as designed is valid and does not require specific requirements in the jurisdiction the user is based or
accessing the Promotion from.

Promotion-specific Rules.

To participate in the Promotion, a participant needs to invite 1 friend. The [winners are] chosen randomly among all participants who applied within the term of the Promotion.

The results of the Promotion and the list of winners will be published on the Lucky Draw page.

In case that within 5 days it is not possible to contact by e-mail a winner or the winner is not interested in the Offer, a new winner shall be chosen among all participants who complied with the Rules.

AliExpress coins/coupons additional terms and conditions.

If you receive AliExpress coins and/or coupons as Offers, terms and conditions under this paragraph 8 shall also apply.

a) Your account on AliExpress will be credited with the Offer upon you being offered to receive the Offer and your taking of that Offer.

b) The coupon prizes can only be used in limited time showed on the coupon. The physical prize can be bought at $1.00 by the lucky winners by using the coupons.

c) In the case of AliExpress coupons as Offers: Coupons that remain unused after the Usage Period will lapse and cannot be refunded or exchanged for anything; and AliExpress coupons may not be used for certain regions and/or products and/or shipping purposes as may be
decided by from time to time.

Play the AliExpress Lucky Draw Game and save on your purchases!

AliExpress Lucky Draw
aliexpress game lucky draw

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