Valentine’s Day Gift Up to 60% off

What to get for Valentine’s Day?

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get On Sale Right Now

Love Delivers – Valentine’s Day Sale on AliExpress

Sale Period: 01.16.2023 – 01.29.2023 PST
Up to 60% off & X day delivery. US $3 off every $30 spent (max $9 off)

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Valentine’s Day Gift

What to get for St. Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Lego Set. Gift for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Lego Set
Valentines Lego Set

Fitness Tracker Valentine’s Day Gift. A water-resistant Fitness Tracker designed with magnetic charging mode, a 21-day battery life, and music controls, plus it’ll monitor their sleep, blood oxygen, body temperature and heart rate.
593 Reviews
2143 orders
US $15.92

Fitness Tracker Valentine's Day Gift
Fitness Tracker Valentine’s Day Gift

A heart-shaped necklace to place amongst your knickknacks galore.
15 Reviews
426 orders
US $1.73

necklace heart gift for valentine's day
necklace heart gift for valentine’s day

Express Your Love In Romantic Way- Balloon Decoration
152 Reviews
1519 orders
US $0.52

Romantic Balloon Decoration
Romantic Balloon Decoration

A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses to make you look like a heart-eyes emoji before you even put them on.
355 Reviews
1539 orders
US $1.49

heart-shaped sunglasses
heart-shaped sunglasses

A sleek Mini Bluetooth phone photo printer that pairs to an app. A cute instant printer ready to hook up to any smart phone via Bluetooth and print pictures right off your phone!
102 Reviews
430 orders
US $19.93

phone photo printer
phone photo printer

Cute garland of red hearts. Create an atmosphere of love in your home.
32 Reviews
216 orders
US $0.70

garland of red hearts
garland of red hearts

A lovely bouquet of plushies to add some color to their home this winter.
70 Reviews
1400 orders
US $19.29

bouquet of plush toys
bouquet of plush toys

A karaoke microphone that’ll transform any living room into a party from the moment you and your loved one connect it to the app of your choosing.
227 Reviews
1280 orders
US $13.12
US $3 off every US $30 spent on promo Extra 2% Off

karaoke microphone gift idea
karaoke microphone gift idea

Valentine tree decorations. Hang a message to your loved one on a tree branch.

valentine tree decorations
valentine tree decorations

Fancy work bag as a Valentine’s Day gift for him. A trendy work tote if they’re a total boss and are killing it at their job.
159 Reviews
387 orders
US $54.99
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trendy work tote as a gift to him for valentine's day
trendy work tote as a gift to him for valentine’s day

This babydoll dress comes complete with a matching thong and simply screams Valentine’s night attire.
42 Reviews
265 orders
Price: US $1.42

babydoll dress
babydoll dress

Valentines Sweater. A sweater for anyone who wants to add a somewhat nontraditional design to their stock of sweaters. An adorable sweater that will let you wear your heart on your chest on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

valentines sweater
valentines sweater

A portable USB coffee mug bowl warmer with three heat settings and an auto-shutoff feature — so they never have to worry about that forgotten cup of coffee on their desk that gets ice cold before they finally have a chance to drink it.

portable USB coffee mug bowl warmer
portable USB coffee mug bowl warmer
Valentine's Day Gift
Valentine’s Day Gift
Valentine's Day Sale on AliExpress
Valentine’s Day Sale on AliExpress

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