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Products For Outdoor Fans at a Big Discount – Up to 70% off

Spend time outdoors. It’ll improve your health

Outdoor products. On April 17, AliExpress will host a big sale that will delight fans of spending their time outdoors.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there’s no better time to shop on AliExpress than during a sale for lovers of outdoor recreation. With so many products to choose from, you’ll be able to find everything you need to enjoy your favorite activities in the great outdoors.
Whether you’re into camping, hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor adventure, AliExpress has a wide selection of gear and equipment to meet your needs. From tents and sleeping bags to backpacks and fishing gear, you can find it all on AliExpress.

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Up to 70% off, US$2 off every $20 (max $8)

When is the OUTDOOR FUNS sale date?

2023.04.16–2023.04.21 PST

Right now, AliExpress has some amazing prices on awesome outdoor products! Outdoor Goods Sale at AliExpress.

12 AliExpress Outdoor Products That Reviewers Love

Water bottles are essential for staying hydrated while hiking, camping, or spending time outdoors.

Rating 4.9 648 Reviews 2,000+ orders

GPS Smart Bike Computer

A GPS Smart Bike Computer is a device that is designed to be mounted on a bicycle handlebar and provide cyclists with real-time data about their ride. It uses GPS technology to track the user’s location, speed, distance, and other metrics, which can be displayed on a screen on the device or synced to a smartphone app.

10-Piece Camping Mess Kit

Tableware For Two – This set includes 2 forks + 2 tablespoons + 2 knives +1 steak knife + 2 plates +1 storage bag. Perfect for dinner with your travel companions, new friends, and your wife/husband.

Take this powerful monocular on a trip.

With this monocular, you can not only see objects up to 13 times closer, but with a 50mm lens, you can even calculate the distance between you and the target and the size of your target.

Two-way radio is essential for travel

The RA685 walkie talkie will give you the opportunity to always be in touch with your fellow traveler, ensure safety on the journey. The many features of this radio are absolutely essential in extreme situations.

Tents are essential for camping and outdoor adventures.

Promising review: “Awesomy quality tent. I spent a few nights on my backyard. I had raing for a whole day and only a few drops of water come inside. I will be using it for summer as it has a great ventilation.

Sleeping bags: Sleeping bags keep you warm and comfortable while camping or sleeping outdoors.

Waterproof hiking backpack

Backpacks are used for carrying gear, food, and other essentials while hiking, camping, or traveling.
4095 Reviews 10,000+ orders

Camping stoves allow you to cook food while camping or spending time outdoors.

893 Reviews 4000+ orders

Headlamps and flashlights provide light for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

Travel Ultralight Folding Chair

Peaceful sleep in an outdoor hammock

If you hate wild blood-sucking mosquitoes; if you hate the hot sun, umbrellas don’t rain; if you want to relax after a walk. Congratulations! This hammock is perfect for your requirements.

Something to please the outdoor enthusiast on your list of holiday gifts this year

Outdoor products
Outdoor products

What product categories will be featured in the AliExpress OUTDOOR FANS sale?

  • Outdoor tech -71%
  • April celebrations -60%
  • Outdoor adventures -54%
  • Travel outfits -65%
  • Upgrade your travel gears -60%
  • Family day -41%
  • Home & garden essentials -33%
  • Toys, kids & babies -53%
  • Bestsellers: Up to 70% off
  • Spend & Save: US$2 off every $20 (max $8)

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