Individual vs. Business Sellers on AliExpress: Does it Matter Who You Buy From?

AliExpress offers a vast marketplace with millions of sellers. But these sellers can be categorized into two main types: individual entrepreneurs (sole traders) and businesses. While both can offer great deals, understanding the differences can help you make informed buying decisions.

Seller Types on AliExpress

Individual Entrepreneurs (Sole Traders):

  • Store Ownership: An individual entrepreneur can open up to six stores on AliExpress.
  • Registration: Sole traders need to provide personal, reliable information and obtain a business license.
  • Store Differentiation: When opening multiple stores, sellers must ensure that each store has distinct business content, product categories, customer segments, etc., to avoid product duplication across stores.


  • Store Ownership: Like sole traders, businesses can also open up to six stores on AliExpress.
  • Registration: Businesses must register their company and provide various certificates based on the company’s qualifications. They must also obtain a business license and comply with tax regulations.
  • Store Types: Businesses, especially those representing or owning brands, may operate different types of stores:
    • Official Brand Stores: For well-established brands.
    • Specialty Stores: Focused on specific product categories.
    • Exclusive Stores: Offering unique or high-end products.
Seller Types on AliExpress
Seller Types on AliExpress

Does It Matter to Buyers?

When shopping on AliExpress, does it matter whether you’re buying from an individual seller or a business? Here are key considerations:

  1. Product Quality and Authenticity:
    • Businesses: Generally, corporate sellers, especially official brand stores, offer branded products with higher assurance of quality and authenticity.
    • Individual Entrepreneurs: While individual sellers can offer unique and high-quality items, there’s a higher risk of encountering counterfeit or lower-quality products.
  2. Customer Service and Returns:
    • Businesses: These sellers typically provide better customer service and more reliable return policies due to their established business processes.
    • Individual Entrepreneurs: Customer service can vary widely, with some sellers offering excellent support and others less so.
  3. Pricing and Bargaining:
    • Individual Entrepreneurs: Often, sole traders may offer more competitive pricing and be open to negotiation, providing an opportunity for deals.
    • Businesses: Prices are usually fixed, but these stores may offer substantial discounts during sales and promotions.
  4. Shipping and Handling:
    • Businesses: Companies often have more efficient shipping processes and better packaging, ensuring that products arrive in good condition.
    • Individual Entrepreneurs: Shipping times and handling can be less consistent, though many individual sellers still provide satisfactory service.

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

AliExpress Buyer Protection

Regardless of the seller type, AliExpress offers robust buyer protection policies to enhance the shopping experience. These include guarantees for timely delivery, accurate product descriptions, and secure payment options. This means that whether you’re buying from a sole trader or a business, you have recourse in case of any issues.


Understanding the differences between individual and business sellers on AliExpress can help you make informed decisions. For branded or high-value items, corporate stores might be a safer choice due to their reliability and product authenticity. For unique, handmade, or niche products, individual sellers could be more suitable. Always consider your specific needs and preferences to make the best choice.

Happy shopping on AliExpress!

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