Aliexpress Has Published a Song About the Big Sale 11.11

AliExpress has released a song dedicated to the November 11 sale. Song in Chinese.

The song targets sellers and encourages them to seize a great business opportunity by selling items on AliExpress’s biggest sale.
The song has very funny music.

Source: AliExpress

Song lyrics:
To sell goods on Double 11 Festival, focus on AliExpress.
To sell Chinese goods to the world always focus on AliExpress.
The whole world is buying Chinese goods.
No worry about operation pressure and business risk.
Double 11 Festival make Chinese intelligent manufacturing hot
Logistics Infrastructures Construction from China the to the word.
More and more consumers are buying Chinese goods on AliExpress.
Click on AliExpress now
For low cost high efficiency and more business opportunities.

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AliExpress sale song. Rap song about the biggest sale on AliExpress.

AliExpress sale song 11 11
AliExpress sale song 11 11
AliExpress sale 11.11 song
AliExpress sale 11.11 song

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