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AliExpress Delivery Speed Just Got Even Faster – Just-In-Time

Get Your Products Quicker!

AliExpress Delivery Speeds Up – Get Your Products Even Faster!

This news is for Aliexpress sellers. But for buyers, this service will also have a good effect on the speed of order fulfillment.
On February 10, 2023, AliExpress launched the JIT (Just-In-Time) instant delivery service.
In the process of doing business, AliExpress sellers often need to “check the goods first, deliver the goods to the warehouse, and then sell the goods.” After the launch of the AliExpress JIT (Just-In-Time) instant delivery service, Chinese sellers no longer need to prepare goods for storage in advance, they can complete the delivery within 24 hours after the actual formation of the order. This service will help more Chinese factories to adapt to the situation of small batch orders. The factory sends a batch of goods to the warehouse, and the seller uses the stock in the warehouse to send it to the end customer. The factory guarantees the quality of the products.
Also, sellers can send goods to warehouses on their own.

After launching the “full storage” service last year, AliExpress will expand the fully managed receiving warehouse to Dongguan, Hangzhou and other places. It can cover and collect goods from several industrial zones in South China, East China and other provinces.

AliExpress Delivery news
AliExpress Delivery news

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