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Still using a tape to measure?
Why not try something new?
Meet HOTO Smart Laser Measure.


Put it where you want to measure and click to get clear and precise data.

Measuring & Layout Tools AliExpress Sale
Measuring & Layout Tools AliExpress Sale

Easy for measuring short lengths.

But how about long length? A piece of cake!
There’s nothing a simple click can’t do!

rangefinder for long range
rangefinder for long range

Light, smart and compact

Double laser transmitters

High accuracy
(measured in mm)

The laser head structure can ensure a series of complex steps of “laser emission – internal calibration – secondary laser emission – feedback on measure – ment data” within 0.2 seconds. The measurement data is stable and the errors will be limited within 2mm.

Class Il laser;
Safety guaranteed

The measuring range is from as near as 0.05m to as far as 30m. The class ll laser is safe for human body, thus safe to use.

* The internal structure profile has been optimized, thus is not completely the same as the actual internal structure.

Measurement based on the front and tail of the rangefinder;
Switch between the measurement modes to users’ needs

Measurement can be done based on the front or the tail of the rangefinder. Free measurement is guaranteed on the front-based mode, while edge measurement should be ensured on the tail-based mode. Users can switch between these two modes to their needs, so that additional calculations can be avoided


laser distance measures
laser distance measures

Certification: CE
Measurement Accuracy: 2mm
Power Type: Rechargeable
Long range – 30 meters max distance
OLED display
Net Weight – about 36 g
Lithium battery – 3.7 V – 200mAh

The single-button design – easy to use.
The patent “Little Yellow Ring” —feels comfortable

The smart laser rangefinder has only one button. Press and hold to start, and then press to start measuring. It will certainly offer a “nov-ice-friendly” operating experience. The patent “little yellow ring” is made of rubber paint, which feels warm, is convenient to hold, and can help fix the rangefinder in measurement.

smart laser rangefinder
smart laser rangefinder

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Laser Distance Measure
Are laser tape measures accurate? This laser tape measure has a very small margin of error. The tape measure is suitable for interior design work, homework, garden work, DIY
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