Why don’t AliExpress Promo Codes Work During a Sale?

Understanding Promo Codes during AliExpress Sales: Why They Don’t Always Work and How to Overcome the Issue

Promo codes can be a fantastic way to save even more on your AliExpress purchases. However, during sales, you may encounter situations where promo codes don’t work as expected. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why promo codes may not work during an AliExpress sale and provide solutions to help you navigate this issue effectively.

Country Limitations

Promo codes on AliExpress may be limited to specific countries. Due to regional marketing strategies or other factors, certain promo codes may only be applicable to buyers in certain countries. This can result in the promo code not working if you’re shopping from a different country. To overcome this, check the promo code terms and conditions or try alternative promo codes that are valid in your country.

If you use additional browser extensions, turn them off.
If you have VPN turned on, turn it off.

Minimum Order Amount and Discount Inclusion

Some promo codes on AliExpress require a minimum order amount to be eligible for the discount. During a sale, it’s important to note that the minimum order amount may already include the discounted price. Therefore, if your order amount falls below the minimum threshold after applying the sale discount, the promo code may not work. To resolve this, consider adding more items to your cart to meet the minimum order requirement.

For example, the PROMOSS8 promo code is valid for an amount exceeding $75. But in order for the promotional code to work in this order example, you need to increase the order amount to $90.48, because. $12.56 promotion already applied to order

Why don't AliExpress Promo Codes Work
Why don’t AliExpress Promo Codes Work

Coupon Expiration and Availability

Promo codes and coupons have expiration dates, and once they expire, they become invalid. During a sale, there might be a surge in demand for promo codes, leading to limited availability. If you come across an expired or unavailable promo code, explore other coupon options or check for updated promo codes on AliExpress or affiliated websites.

Store-Specific Restrictions

Promo codes may not work in all AliExpress stores. Some sellers may choose not to participate in promotional campaigns or have their own discount mechanisms. It’s essential to check the promo code’s terms and conditions to verify if it is valid for the specific store you’re purchasing from. If the promo code doesn’t work in one store, try searching for alternative sellers offering the same product.


  • Double-check promo code terms and conditions to ensure eligibility.
  • Explore alternative promo codes or coupons valid in your country.
  • Consider adding more items to meet the minimum order amount requirement.
  • Check for updated promo codes or coupons during the sale.
  • Try purchasing from different stores or sellers that accept the promo code.

Promo codes can provide additional savings during AliExpress sales, but various factors may prevent them from working as expected. By understanding the limitations, checking terms and conditions, and exploring alternative options, you can overcome issues with promo codes and make the most of your shopping experience on AliExpress. Remember to stay informed, adapt your approach, and enjoy the great deals available during the sales.

Why AliExpress promo codes not working

Why are items on Aliexpress cheap?
Why are items on Aliexpress cheap?

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  1. Promo codes are not valid during the warm-up period. You need to use promotional codes only during the sale.

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