Record Number of Chinese Companies Sponsor UEFA Euro 2024

The 2024 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2024) in Germany is set to be a landmark event for Chinese businesses. For the first time, five Chinese companies are among the 13 official global sponsors, a record-breaking achievement highlighting China’s growing influence on the global stage.

Record Number of Chinese Companies Sponsor UEFA Euro 2024
Record Number of Chinese Companies Sponsor UEFA Euro 2024

Chinese Brands Among Euro 2024 Sponsors

The UEFA Euro 2024 sponsorship lineup includes prominent names such as Adidas, AliExpress, Alipay, Atos, Betano,, BYD, Coca-Cola, Hisense, Lidl, Engelbert Strauss, Qatar Tourism, and Vivo. Notably, the Chinese brands are Hisense, Alipay, Vivo, AliExpress, and BYD, collectively accounting for more than a third of the sponsors, a new record for Chinese participation in this prestigious event.

UEFA EURO 2024 OFFICIAL SPONSORS Official global sponsors
UEFA EURO 2024 OFFICIAL SPONSORS. Official global sponsors. Image source:

Effective Marketing and Sponsorship Impact

For sponsors, one of the most valuable benefits is the LED advertising during the 51 matches of the tournament. Each sponsor gets an average of 7 minutes of LED display time per 90-minute match, providing significant exposure. The tournament began on June 15, 2024, in Munich, Germany, where the Chinese audience will witness an unprecedented presence of Chinese brands.

Chinese Companies and Their Strategic Moves

Throughout the year, these Chinese companies have been actively engaging in marketing activities centered around the Euro 2024:

  • BYD: Announced as the official mobility partner of Euro 2024 in January, BYD’s electric vehicles will provide green transportation services during the tournament.
  • Hisense: Upgraded its collaboration with UEFA from brand advertising to technical support, providing display technology for the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) headquarters in Leipzig.
  • Alipay: Named the title sponsor of the Euro 2024 Top Scorer Trophy through its global brand Alipay+.
  • AliExpress: The first e-commerce sponsor in Euro history, offering discounts, interactive games, and prizes, including match tickets, to global consumers.
  • Vivo: Aiming to expand its global market influence, Vivo hopes to showcase its imaging capabilities to a broader audience.

Expert Opinions on Chinese Sponsorship

Zhang Yi, CEO of iiMedia Research, noted that sponsoring international sports events is a key strategy for Chinese companies to globalize and reflect their international ambitions. The sophisticated participation in Euro 2024 demonstrates the rising global competitiveness of leading Chinese enterprises.

Researcher Ye Yindan from the Bank of China Research Institute emphasized that these sponsors are leaders in their respective fields—home appliances, new energy vehicles, smartphones, cross-border e-commerce, and payment technologies. Their mature global operations, advanced technology capabilities, and high market recognition position them well to leverage this sponsorship for increased brand visibility and market advantage in Europe.

China’s Strategic Expansion into Europe

Europe has become a strategic focal point for Chinese companies venturing abroad. BYD, for example, achieved over 3 million in annual sales of new energy vehicles in 2023, with exports exceeding 240,000 units, marking a 337% year-over-year growth. BYD has also entered 19 European countries with five models and over 230 stores. Plans for a new production base in Hungary and the introduction of more models in the European market, including the Denza brand, are underway.

Zhang Xiaorong, president of the Deep Technology Research Institute, attributes the growing attraction of the European market to Chinese firms to their leadership in new technologies, supply chain innovations, and business models. With accumulated talent and experience, especially in sectors like new energy vehicles, charging stations, and smart home devices, Chinese brands have carved out a significant presence in Europe.

The record number of Chinese sponsors at Euro 2024 not only underscores their global ambitions but also represents a strategic move to enhance their competitive edge and capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities in the European market.

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