Euro Cup Mania – How To Play?

Participate in EM Mania, earn credits and save on an order! A prize pool of >$12,000,000 awaits you!

Are you a football fan eagerly awaiting UEFA EURO 2024 and love scoring big discounts on AliExpress? Then “Euro Cup Mania” is the game for you! Have fun, play, and win big!

Euro Cup Mania AliExpress – Play and Win!

To play the game “Euro Cup Mania” on AliExpress you need to download the application.

  • Download the AliExpress app
  • Visit & play Euro Cup Mania
  • Play & win to save when you shop
To play the game
To play the game “Euro Cup Mania” on AliExpress you need to download the application

AliExpress signs as UEFA EURO 2024 partner

“Euro Cup Mania” – How To Play?

Euro Cup Mania - How To Play
Euro Cup Mania – How To Play
  1. What is “Euro Cup Mania” and when does it take place?

“Euro Cup Mania” is a game event on AliExpress, partnering with UEFA 2024. From May 20, 00:00 PT to July 18, 2024, 23:59 PT, qualified participants (see clause 6 in T&C) can join activities and win prizes.

There will be two phases for this event:

  • First phase: May 20 – June 12. Players mainly take part in daily quizzes.
  • Second phase: June 12 – July 18. Players can vote for teams after the Euro Cup starts (learn more below at point 4).
  1. What can I win from playing “Euro Cup Mania”?

You can get a chance to win:

  • shopping credits, which are discounts to apply on orders,
  • Euro Cup tickets (only for players based in Europe) and official Euro Cup merchandise,
  • discounted featured items on AliExpress.

Game credits and footballs are the two items of the game. They can both be earned through different activities like the daily quiz, team voting, etc.

Game credits can be exchanged for shopping credits. Footballs can be used to join lucky draws and team voting.

  1. How do I take part in the lucky draw?

First, collect footballs through different activities, such as the daily quiz or daily check-in.

Then, use them to enter the lucky draw. Each football gives you a chance to win. The more footballs you have, the bigger the reward you may get from the lucky draw.

You can keep footballs after the lucky draw to use in the next one, so collect as many as you can!

There are only 4 lucky draw sessions throughout the event period. To keep track of those specific dates, follow the in-game calendar or check the T&Cs.

Euro Cup Mania AliExpress 2024 - complete simple tasks
Euro Cup Mania AliExpress 2024 – complete simple tasks
  1. In the second phase of the game, how does team voting work?

Vote for Euro Cup teams with footballs, hoping your team wins the day’s match. If your team wins, you get part of that match’s shopping credits pool. After voting, your used footballs return to your account for the next team voting.

  1. When should I claim my rewards?

Some rewards can only be claimed at specific times. Exchanging your game credits into shopping credits can only be done during a specific time slot named “Exchange day”. Check exchange days on the event calendar, on the homepage of the game, and the T&Cs.

  • Shopping credits can only be used before July 18, 2024, 23:59 PT.
  • Euro Cup tickets can only be claimed within 24 hours after winning them.
  • For other rewards, make sure to claim them by the end of the event on July 18, 2024, 23:59 PT.

Unclaimed rewards will become void once the event has finished.

  1. Any more info I should be aware of?

Please note that the rules may be updated as the event progresses. Stay informed by regularly checking the official AliExpress page.

Euro Cup Mania AliExpress 2024
Euro Cup Mania AliExpress 2024

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