AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024 – Up to 80% Off!

AliExpress Birthday in 2024 with Big Discounts

Unlocking Savings: AliExpress 14th Anniversary Sale 2024

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Gear up for an exhilarating shopping spree as AliExpress, the e-commerce giant, celebrates its 14th birthday with the much-anticipated AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024. This annual extravaganza is a shopaholic’s dream, offering incredible deals, exclusive discounts, and a multitude of special offers. Let’s dive into the details to ensure you make the most out of this monumental event.

Key Sale Dates:

  • Mar. 15th to Mar. 17th, 2024 PST – Warm-Up: The celebration begins with a Warm-Up phase, allowing you to search and add desired items to your shopping cart. Get a head start on your shopping list and prepare for the main event.
  • Mar. 18th to Mar. 27th, 2024 PST– AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024: The main attraction, where discounts of up to 90% await savvy shoppers. This is the day to score unbeatable deals across various categories.
Save up to 70% on AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024.
Save up to 70% on AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024.
Merge Boss Ali Express Anniversary Sale 2024
Merge Boss Ali Express Anniversary Sale 2024

AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024 FAQ:

  1. When is AliExpress’s birthday?
    • AliExpress officially started on March 28, 2010, though it began operating a year earlier. The Holiday Sale runs annually from March 24th to 31st. History of AliExpress
  2. When is the AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024?
    • The warm-up phase usually begins three to five days before the main sale. Given AliExpress’s birthday on March 28th, the sale usually started on March 28th every year and lasted for five days. In 2024, the sale will begin with a warm-up event on March 15, and the main AliExpress Anniversary Sale will begin on March 18.
  3. What are the biggest discounts I can expect?
    • Sellers pull out all the stops, with discounts reaching up to 90%. Save even more by utilizing promotional codes and coupons.
  4. Is there free shipping during the sale?
    • Yes, free shipping options are available. Check the shipping cost for your country on the product page.
  5. Is it safe to shop on AliExpress during the sale?
    • Absolutely. AliExpress is a secure platform for online shopping.
  6. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
  7. How to get the most out of your AliExpress 2024 birthday:
    • Compare prices, read reviews, collect coupons, engage in games, apply promotional codes, monitor special store promotions, and opt for products located in your country for faster delivery and customs duty exemptions.
  8. Are there exclusive coupons or promo codes available?
    • Stay tuned to our PromosSale website for exclusive promotional codes tailored for the AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024. Follow our updates to snag additional discounts.
14th Birthday AliExpress Big Sale 2024
14th Birthday AliExpress Big Sale 2024

Sale 328 on AliExpress

Get ready to celebrate and shop smart during AliExpress’s 14th Birthday Sale – an event that promises unparalleled savings and endless shopping excitement!

Don’t miss out on this epic opportunity to save big! Mark your calendars for the AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024 and get ready to celebrate with amazing deals!

Ali Express Birthday Sale 2024: Celebrate 14 Years with Gigantic Deals & Savings! Low prices, fast delivery, buyer protection. Big Sale. Event Details, shopping festival

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AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024 - Up to 80% Off!
AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2024 – Up to 80% Off!

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