Aliexpress Anniversary Sale 2019, sale preparation

Aliexpress Anniversary Sale 2019. AliExpress Birthday 2019, sale preparation.

It will be Aliexpress Anniversary Sale 2019 soon. Are you ready? How and when will the big sale take place? What kind of games, coupons and promotions there will be on AliExpress’ Birthday?  AliExpress is turning 9 years! What awaits on us during this period? When we are waiting for big discounts? What is the best way to save money?



Match 21st – March 27th – Things are heating up! (7 days)

March 28th, 2019 – “WE ARE 9 YEARS OLD!” promotion. The promotion for the Birthday of Aliexpress is called “AliExpress 328.”

March 28th from 12:00:00 AM – March 30th 11:59:59 PM – the sale.

This year, the sale will be presented in 18 languages for customers all over the world. Last year, the sale was presented in 10 languages.

The calendar of AliExpress’ discounts, promotions and sales for 2019.


aliexpress anniversary sale 2019 birthday
aliexpress anniversary sale 2019

Anniversary Sale will start on March 28th.

The main idea of the holiday – gratitude of AliExpress to both its customers and sellers. Consumers and sellers are super valuable, so – the holiday is prepared especially for our appreciative customers.

For example, a buyer or seller at the entrance to the website will see a short and sweet video which briefly describes AliExpress, allowing you to experience the growth and development of the portal.

Much attention will be paid to the role of each participant throughout the entire event.

  1. AliExpress has prepared special premium gifts for new users.
  2. Regular members will be able to see special offers after logging into their accounts
  3. High-level members will receive exclusive preferential offers аnd discounts. Participants with “Platinum” and “Brilliant” rating will receive 5% discount in vendors that take part in the promotion.

Registered users are divided into four categories: diamond, platinum, gold and silver.

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This year’s game-process will not be the same as previous years. There will be a precise separation of users into beginners and previously registered.

  • Games for beginners on AliExpress.

There will be a special block in the explosive section for the beginner, which allows one move on to purchases quickly. During the warm-up period there will be a special zone with goods worth $0.01.

There will be given special promotions for beginners from different countries. For example, the replenishment of playing cards for Spain and the replenishment of a mobile phone account for Russia.

Games for regular users on the day of sale ”AliExpress Birthday 2019″.

  • Regular buyers on AliExpress will enjoy fantastic discounts and a good product price during the sale period.
  • Games for users with high ratings on AliExpress.

There will be a special high-class zone for users with high ratings. This zone will be opened to VIP members only. Special prices and offers will not be visible for regular participants. Product prices for VIP members will be slightly lower than for the regular members.


Discounts and coupons on sale at AliExpress Birthday “WE ARE 9 YEARS OLD“.

Coupons will be of the following categories:

– for newbies
– AliExpress platform coupons
– special coupons
– store coupons

AliExpress Coupons. How Coupons Work.

Coupons and discounts on AliExpress are personalized by a special algorithm based on the daily activity of “old” registered participants. Personalization is based on the ratio of goods viewed and the number of purchases. And also on the buyer’s rating – silver, gold, platinum or diamond.

Aliexpress Anniversary Sale


Sellers are actively preparing for the sale of AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2019 since February. Only the finest vendors which meet the specific requirements of the platform, participate in the promotion. For example, some of these criteria are: brand recognition, number of sales per year, logistics and service capabilities, etc.

The AliExpress platform tracks the value of goods participating in the promotion, which price should not be changed within 180 days before the sale (excluding the participation of goods in Flash Deals, pre-sales, promotions, etc). In order for a new Original Price to take effect, the item must have sold at that price point for at least 180 consecutive days. Discounts must be based on the MSR (manufacturer’s suggested retail) price. A discount threshold value should be comparable to industry discounts.

All products involved in the promotion and sale on the AliExpress website will have a special icon: “328 sale”.

When searching on AliExpress, each product rating will be taken into account. The higher the real discounts involved increases the likelihood of raising your rating; thus buyers will more quickly find the desired products with the lowest prices.

Aliexpress Anniversary Sale 2019 sale preparation.
Aliexpress Anniversary Sale 2019 sale preparation.

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When does The Anniversary Sale Aliexpress 2019 start?

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