AliExpress and Cainiao Launch Global Express Delivery in 5 Days

Parcels will be delivered faster

AliExpress and Cainiao, at the Global Smart Logistics Summit on June 28th, announced the official launch of “Global 5-Day Delivery,” an international express delivery service. Starting from key markets, they aim to gradually achieve 5-day delivery for cross-border parcels, enhancing the logistics capabilities of e-commerce and improving customer satisfaction.

AliExpress and Cainiao will officially launch the “global five-day shipping” international express product

The logistics service plays a vital role in the competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce. This year, AliExpress has prioritized fulfillment efficiency and partnered with Cainiao to strengthen its logistics capabilities. This includes expanding domestic and overseas warehouses, with a total area exceeding one million square meters, and distribution centers covering over 200 cities nationwide.

In March, AliExpress introduced the Choice service overseas, offering selected countries and regions fast delivery within 3-5 days, free shipping, and hassle-free returns. The data reveals that the Choice service has propelled AliExpress into a rapid growth trajectory, with orders in March increasing by over 50% compared to the previous year.

Since last year, AliExpress has achieved great success in South Korea, consistently ranking first in the download charts. This accomplishment is largely attributed to their significant investment in warehouses in Shandong. Products dispatched from the two selected warehouses in Weihai and Yantai can reach Korean consumers in just 3-5 days, providing a user experience comparable to local logistics services.

The introduction of the “Global 5-Day Delivery” express service signifies AliExpress and Cainiao’s commitment to expanding their premium services and benefiting consumers worldwide. It further strengthens China’s cross-border e-commerce competitiveness on the global stage.

Conclusion:AliExpress, in partnership with Cainiao, is taking cross-border logistics to new heights with the launch of “Global 5-Day Delivery.” This initiative demonstrates their dedication to providing high-quality services to global consumers and elevating China’s position in the global cross-border e-commerce market. With faster delivery times and improved logistics capabilities, AliExpress is poised to enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen its competitive edge in the industry.

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AliExpress and Cainiao delivery within 5 days
AliExpress and Cainiao delivery within 5 days

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